Get Activation Codes

Congratulations on your new Trackable!
How do I activate a trackable item?
To activate a trackable item you will need to enter a tracking number and an activation code on the website. The tracking number is the number found on the trackable item. For geocoins, it can be engraved on the face or the edge of the coin. The activation code is a one-time code used to link the trackable item to your account.
When you have these two codes, go to the Activation Page at
How do I find my activation code?
If your trackable item was produced by you can fill out the form below to discover the activation code.
How do I know if this is a Trackable?
Not sure if your trackable item is a product? If the tracking code begins with 'PH' there is a good chance that it is.
But if you are still not sure, you can check out a complete list of all our trackable products at this link: