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Fundraiser for Ukraine Coins Past and Present


PHDCoins.ca will be having a week-long sale to support Ukraine starting Friday, March 17th.

100% of your purchase will go to United24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine. The funds will be distributed equally between defence and demining of Ukraine, and medical aid to Ukraine. If you do not feel like purchasing anything, please consider donating directly to United24 or other charities, NGOs, or fundraisers that support Ukraine.

New in the Store!
Remembrance Day 2020 - Nijmegen
Remembrance Day 2020
Antique Bronze
Limited Numbers 4
Sale Price $11.25 Cdn.
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20th Anniversary of Geocaching Group Geocoin - Pacific Sunset
20th Anniversary of Geocac...
Pacific Sunset
Satin Gold
In Stock 32
Sale Price $13.87 Cdn.
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