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And Now for my Next Magic Trick... Coins Past and Present

Production Status
Funky Octopus

The latest original design from PHDCoins is now at the mint having samples made! This 45mm diameter geocoin is called The Magic is in the Hunt. It celebrates the adventures we have, the people we meet, and ultimately the search for that elusive geocache the culminates in a smiley face.

The number of editions has not yet been decided. The presale will open on September 1, 2016.

New to the Store
Funky Octopus - Micro - Black
Funky Octopus
Micro - Black
Limited Numbers 3
Price $10.49 Cdn.
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Avroair Spitfire - Daytime Fighter
Avroair Spitfire
Daytime Fighter
Lt. Blue
In Stock 15
Price $19.75 Cdn.
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